Snow in the Sahara


(Worldview Wonderings)

Naw, that doesn’t happen.
It’s true! Once in a blue moon.
Not on Kilimanjaro, or Mt Kenya, or the Simiens?
No. North Africa. Desert. Snow.

Do we see what we’re looking for?
Do we see what is there?
If we don’t see what we’re looking for,
Do we miss what is there?

Is it climate change?
Are we in the “punctuation” of the
Punctuated Equilibrium branch of the Theory of Evolution?
(For all you science nerds!)

We look for evidence to support our hypothesis.
But, not everything does support it.
Do we throw out the hypothesis? Enlarge the hypothesis?
Is recognizing where we start, enough to mitigate the bias in our vision?

What if we find snow in the Sahara?
“It’s an anomaly.”
“The exception that proves the rule.”
Are we desperately holding to an invalid hypothesis?

Do we mutter, “The gods must be crazy!”
Do we proclaim: “The sky is falling!”
Do we listen to a Voice that says,
“Behold, I am doing a new thing.”

Is He doing a new thing?
Perhaps it’s not new, we are just too young to understand what He is doing.
Do we trust One who says he is the Alpha and Omega?

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