Fear of Exposure

pexels-photo-262103.jpegBlogging = exposure. Yikes! Can you see why I avoid it?

In the early years of blogging, most blogs were like online journals.  This terrified me! Why would anyone put their inmost thoughts online for public consumption?  I journaled in notebooks.  I wept. I anguished. If I were a swearing person, I would have used foul language. I prayed. But not for anyone else to read. The idea that anyone would want to plaster their insides on a virtual billboard made me physically ill.

Before I could put my thoughts out for public view, they needed to be shaped and molded into a palatable form.  They needed to be logical, or at least follow a progression. And I had thoughts that didn’t make sense. I sure didn’t want people to see those. These were insecurities, doubts, chinks in my armor that would leave me open to teasing, scoffing, or even bullying.

Blogs today are more often like online magazine articles. They’re informational, inspirational, anecdotal or “how-to”.  This I could do…except, blogs by their nature are designed to be personal. So, I’d still have to share my personal take on things.

The nature of blogs (advantage?) is that the author can receive immediate feedback. Or at least as soon as she (or he) dares to open the comments. There is no barrier of time and postage, no publisher to hide behind. Of course, there is geography, but that is tenuous as savvy internet users can find out a location quite quickly.

Why does this scare me? I guess because I want to be right. I also want to be liked. What if what I say isn’t completely true? What if I am completely mistaken? What if nobody likes what I say? What if I turn out to be the ultimate weirdo in the universe? (Check out the children’s book, Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster)

I’m realizing that as I get older (wiser?) I am less afraid of exposure. This blog post and this whole blogging experience is then, for me, a case of “feel the fear and do it anyway.”

I would love to know what your fear is, how you face it, or hide from it.

If you’d like to go on this blogging adventure with me, please sign up on my website, ArloaTenKley.com, to get my blog delivered to your inbox. I will not swamp you with email. If you do sign up, I will send you a free download for my workbook called, Facing Your Fears. This is a report with practices to help work through fears. I use examples from my own life and leave space for you to work through your own fears.

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