VerneMy father, Verne, grew up playing fast-pitch softball as a farm kid in western Illinois. He loved the game, and the pitcher’s role in the game. Even while serving in East Africa as a bush pilot, he played every chance he got, usually with other ex-pats. Lorraine is my mother. Wes and his wife, Mary, are my uncle and aunt, who have passed away. The others mentioned in the writing are childhood friends of my father and missionaries who used to play ball with him. “Hum that pea” is a colloquialism my father used. It translates to “pitch that ball.”

My father passed away on July 13, 2018. This piece was written after that event and is totally fictional. It was a way for me to process my own grief at what I knew would soon be coming. It helped me ground the passing from death to life in specific language. Continue reading “PLAY BALL”

Gracious Limits and Multiple Tools

But what about our limits? Aren’t we supposed to have boundaries? We can’t just stretch and stretch and give and give. Eventually we break. Yes, there are limits to each of us. As we develop and grow, our capabilities (or limits), change. Our physical limits may be different than our emotional or mental limits. Continue reading “Gracious Limits and Multiple Tools”