Gracious Limits and Multiple Tools

But what about our limits? Aren’t we supposed to have boundaries? We can’t just stretch and stretch and give and give. Eventually we break. Yes, there are limits to each of us. As we develop and grow, our capabilities (or limits), change. Our physical limits may be different than our emotional or mental limits. Continue reading “Gracious Limits and Multiple Tools”

Ladders and Grace, Part 2

In Part 1, I pictured extending grace as similar to the action of a hinged extension ladder.

The ladder could flex and stretch/contract along the hinges as necessary for the job requirements. The “Job requirements” I believe are another key component to grace. Continue reading “Ladders and Grace, Part 2”

Ladders and Grace, Part 1


My Dad had an atypical extension ladder. It was a wonder. Of course, it did the normal ladder thing – allowed you to climb up and reach a place you could not access on your own. However, it also had hinges along its edges at intervals. These hinges allowed the user to make the ladder long, medium or short. The ladder could bend horizontally at a hinge so you could crawl across it after you ascended vertically. It could create a U shape (or more practically, an upside-down U shape.) It could become an upside-down V and be perfect for a painting job. It could fold up and become easy to store. Do you see why I call it a wonder? Continue reading “Ladders and Grace, Part 1”